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 wedding poems

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Every one wants their wedding to stand out from the rest. Remember how you or someone you know was at a wedding ceremony and saw something that made you think, "Hey, that's neat. I wish I had that at my wedding or I'm gonna do that at my wedding, too." We've all had that hind-sight moment. Well this is one of those times where you can have the fore-sight. Wedding poems are nothing new, but keep reading to see how you can take it to the next level and stun everybody. Get ready for massive attention to come your way.



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Wedding poems have been a necessary component in fashionable ceremonies for ages. They truly are the language of the heart. No doubt you're aware they are. That's why you've come to this site. Everyone loves the old Elizabethan style language used as well as the romantic ebb and flow of wedding poems. But emotional sounding words are not the only thing needed to create a poem that will garner teary eyes and loving sighs from the audience. You're about to add that final element. That alone will warm your heart knowing you were the engine behind it all. Your personalized wedding poem should be just as intense as the vows that are spoken by the bride and groom.


Typically, the person responsible for choosing poems for a wedding will either be the bride, maid of honor or the mistress of ceremony, but anyone in the bridal party that has a heart for deep, soulful words can fulfill the task. You can alleviate the tension of being drafted or taking it upon yourself to surprise them by enlisting the help of a proven results getter. You know that weddings are a time of high emotions. Anything out of place can devastate the entire process. Hence, the reason for the rehearsals and the long preparation period from engagement to show time. The imagery carries a lot of weight, but everyone's on the edge of their seats waiting to HEAR what is said at the altar. So choosing the right words is crucial. No matter how beautiful a scene is on a greeting card, we all open it to see what it says. That's where an appropriate wedding poem comes into play. 


You get the satisfaction of knowing that everyone will be buzzing about how wonderful the poems that were shared and who was behind it. I remember a friend wanted me to do a last minute wedding poem gift for her. She picked it up the day before the wedding. She told me that she was the center of attention once the gifts were opened. She had a smile as broad as the side of a barn while telling me how they were all gushing over the poem and how it was presented. You're mere moments away from experiencing that same feeling.


Oh, Yeah... about having massive attention coming your way. I've been to my share of weddings and have heard vows, poems, songs as well as seen interpretive dance, but I can honestly say I've never seen this done; and it's so obvious you'll wonder why you haven't either. During the ceremony, most couples are so nervous that they don't trust themselves and write what they want to say on a piece of paper. and once it's done, they either ball it up or pass it to someone. But think back to the reaction those words got from the couple when they heard what their mate felt from the heart and was willing to speak before an audience. And what about the audience's response? Very few dry eyes in the bunch, and virtually no face void of a smile.


Actual wedding poems are below for your reading


How un-thoughtful to just discard those faithful, heart spawned words. Instead, why not have their wedding poem personalized and beautifully framed and matted and held by the couple as they broadcast their devotion to each other in words. Then when they are through, set the poetic time capsule on an easel facing the audience so that they can see how beautiful the poem or vow was displayed. You can cause even more curiosity by having the poem already seated on a decorated easel as the audience is seated and they will be filled with wonder as to what's on it, only finding out when it's handed to them by the best man and maid of honor to be read by the couple. I'd bet good money that you will begin seeing that pop up in weddings everywhere as those in attendance experience their hind-sight moment. All at the hands of you. Didn't I tell you... this is a game changer for sure. And if you already know the vows or poems that will be used, we can get those done and back to you so they'll be ready for the big day. Here are some of the benefits to adding wedding poetry to your ceremony:

Your wedding day takes on a more regal sense
Everyone will remember that moment above all others
You get a written memorable icon that's not stored away and forgotten
You become the envy of other brides that didn't place value on this part of their ceremony
You become the "go-to" person when others arrange their wedding event
You get a beautiful centerpiece to build your wedding wall around in your home
You get a personalized memorial that let's others know your wedding wasn't just some run of the mill formality
Most of all, you get a written account that reminds you at a glance of your love and adoration for each other



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Poems For Wedding

Poetry for marriage has a language of its own. It's romantic, but it goes far beyond that, too. You want to chose a poem that speaks of commitment. That's what the whole wedding ceremony revolves around. So choose words that allude to each party's undying love through what ever comes. Poetry for wedding ceremonies also assures the couple that they are only committed to each other and no one can separate them. It should include the things they learned about each other as they journeyed toward this day. Since you're the one commissioned for choosing the poetry for weddings, obviously you have some insight to the ones being joined, so you can easily choose one here based on that.


You can create just one poem for the two or you can choose a wedding poem for each of them to read to the other, only letting them see what was chosen at the day they reveal it at the altar or reception party. Be sure to use poems that have the audience leaving with the thought that the couple knowingly chose verses that were suitable for both. That they both expressed a knowledge of the other's inner feelings. But you will know that it was your awesome investigating skills and attention to detail that provided that magic moment. And our poetry is uniquely designed to capture and deliver that result for you. 



wedding poems 

Poetry For Weddings

Let's face it, during a wedding, everyone expects to be brought to tears of joy. And the shortest route to that is through heart felt, emotionally charged words. It can be tough, but poetry for weddings need not be a difficult task. It's the maid of honor or mistress of ceremony's duty to ensure that the bride goes through as little stress as possible, and being left to deal with this can be a tension inducer. However, the poetry for weddings on this site has been crafted to take the couple and all attendees on that expected verbal journey that creates goose bumps, and tears of gratitude. Not to mention it will add more fuel for the honeymoon. As mentioned above, if you already have your own verses, we will professionally typeset on scenic background art, mat and display them for you.



Wedding Poems Poetry

Trusting us to your wedding poems poetry allows you to concentrate on other issues that require greater concern. Now that's one less headache or wrinkle for you. Unlike many things involved with wedding ceremonies, poetry is appropriate at all times and seasons. So whether you're a summer, spring, fall or winter couple, letting us create your poems for wedding day activities will always go over big. By choosing to use our services, you have shown you're an asset to the wedding party and want only the best for the bride and groom.



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Wedding Poems, Poetry For Marriage

featured below for your reading and choosing pleasure are seven, which is the number for completion, specially crafted poems for any type of wedding day poetry need. Go ahead and choose the one that speaks to you. There's no need to create confusion by displaying too many choices. If you already have your own personal wedding poem in mind, Then use our services to professionally typeset and mat your work on an artistic background that you can present as a gift to the bride & groom at the reception party or as part of the ceremony. So go ahead and pick one below or if you want us to edit one of the poems below or pick and choose verses from different poems so it matches what you want even closer, just email us your request with your order and choose the scenic background and mat and we'll get it out to you the next day. And don't forget about your free super bonus below for placing your order today.

 Note: All poetry presented on this site is copyrighted and cannot be used or duplicated without the expressed written consent of the owner.



Wait!!! Before you begin reading, I want to get you in the right mood. First take a look and listen to the video below as it prepares you to experience the full effect of the wedding poems. 







The verdana font is just for ease of reading. Your poem will be typeset with fancy font writing for better effect.


Our wedding Poem I

Today is a time for much celebration. It is the day of days. The fulfillment of a divine order is upon us. Many a tears will find their resting place in handkerchiefs of satin and lace. But it is not a time of sorrow, but of great joy. Today, I condemn selfish ambitions to obscure blackness and set ablaze the torch of unity with my soul mate. God has summoned us into His holy sanctum and highly favored us with His hand. For He has granted us access to His creative power as we stand at this altar. Together we shall bring into being something that has never existed before. And in the presence of those who sit in silent agreement with this union, I pledge my eternal love to only you. As I extend my hand to you, with it comes my heart and all its accessories. I willingly give myself away to you. Beyond this altar the life of me and my will evolve into we and us; for you have completed me.


Our Wedding Poem II

My heart has filled to capacity and overflows with the joy you bring to me. My fantasies have woefully fallen short in preparing me for this enchanted moment. As I take your hand in holy matrimony, I stand in awe of your consuming radiance. You've adorned regal apparel that cause those in attendance to stare in amazement of your splendor. But I have gazed into that piercing light that aluminates your soul from within and I am blinded with passion. Your brilliance has made the very sun your shadow. As we exchange these tokens of our union, this day, I bare record to their meaning. The precious gem represents you in all your magnificence. The setting is my vow to support you that all may behold your beauty. The band bares witness to the perpetual completeness we share and the hand speaks to my undying commitment to lift you to the lofty heavens where you belong. Today, we become one.


Our Wedding Poem III

Today, envy shall have its fill. For it is a day like none other before nor shall be here after. Love has made ready herself to receive us into her bosom. We have entwined ourselves in such a way that I no longer know myself, nor do I care to. This union is most befitting of celebration. History shall record our day as one worthy of remembrance. All those who look on us shall hold their matrimony in low esteem and dare not speak of it in our presence. For we have become the standard to which all must aspire. Fair warning to the soul that should think it possible to cast asunder what we have wrought this day. With this ring, I present to you a token of the infinite covenant I make with you. As it is joined with no betrayal of its beginning or ending; likewise, I embrace you with the same absence of handles lest any should try and part us. My life is now devoted to your cause. My happiness shall be complete in yours.


Our wedding Poem IV

Hope springs eternal. No other sentiment could accurately depict the defining of our union. Because of your presence, life now makes sense. From this day forward, nothing shall be impossible. Our lives have converged as one. My future has been stripped bare of any fear. You inspire me to envision lofty expectations of myself that I may be counted worthy of your hand. As we exchange vows filled with words of emotion, know that a far greater transaction has taken place. With these words I displace all walls and you become the sole possessor of the key to my heart. Without pause, I lay bare my inner self to you. The heavens give witness that what we have wrought this day is cause for much celebration. This is our finest hour and with reckless abandon, I gloriously make this covenant with you. Because of you, I have been centered.


Wedding Poem V

This most anticipated day has finally arrived. The vision is complete. Though I'm all aglow with excitement, this moment is not foreign to me. For I have walked this aisle in my dreams. There is no need for instruction, I gladly give my hand to you, and with it comes my heart. This day is cause for much celebration; for a new dawn is on the horizon.

As seasons pass, we will tell our kids, and they will tell their kids what mommy and daddy did on that faithful day. Those that reflect back on the birth of our union will place their hands over their lips and dare not speak. For they will hold their moment in low esteem as they behold what God has wrought between us. For our day is of divine ordination.

So, as I gaze into your eyes as we exchange these symbols of infinity, know this...As perfect as this moment is, I know it will pale in comparison to the masterpiece our united lives will create on the canvas of time. This day shall mark the demise of I and me and as we embark on the exodus from the altar and beyond, it shall be paved with we and us. 

 Note: For couples that don't plan on having kids, the verse that mentions "we will tell our kids" will be replaced with, "bedtime stories will be told about what we did on that faithful day." Just inform me of your request.


My love, With these words I grant thee passage into my secret place. A place where the sun envies our brightness and the soft breeze whispers our love in faint fragrances of baby's breath and jasmine. In here, you have full access to my bountiful gardens.

a table has been spread in your honor; adorned with goodly fruits that drip with the dew of gladness. Come, dine and be exhilarated my love. In this place, we shall not fear to lose ourselves in each other. These gates have no need of a keeper, for you are the sole possessor of the key.

In this place, time has no restraints. So lead on softly and be not soon stirred. From the lofty heights of this place, we shall broadcast our undying devotion for one another so that it echoes throughout the heavens.

And who is that one to dare presume it possible to unravel the ties that bind our souls in a perpetual state of oneness? For there is greater hope of the sun freeing the planets from its embrace or the stars refusing to light the universe with their celestial glow than of our union dissolving into obscurity.

Take solace in knowing that you are most cherished.



Words are amazing containers that transport an array of sentiments. So I take this moment to use them in expressing my heart felt devotion toward you. I find it most gratifying to share how wonderful you are; for if I keep silent , I fear I would burst asunder from the joy that swells within me at the mere thought of you. For to know you is to love you. You have profoundly affected my life. My existence is seasoned by your presence. I know not of a better companion to just sit and share with. Even disagreements are sweet to me. Your lovely eyes and coy smile make my outer countenance a lie as they warm me from within. They beckon me to hastily make peace.

Your unselfish character always looks out for my best interest. And because of that, your counsel causes me to re-evaluate my judgments. My walk in life's journey has a renewed view. Because of you, I am steadily reminded of what true beauty is. Prior to knowing you, a flower was nothing more than a colorful plant. Candy was merely something to fulfill a craving. Now they bare witness to your sweetness and allure.

With earnest, I look forward to the coming years destined to be filled with glorious bliss as long as you are part of them. There can be no special day without a special person. Truly, you are that special person that makes everyday special. Always know that you are loved.


Lastly, here is a poem for the wedding party who selfishly gave of their time to share in your special day. Make their day by presenting a poem to them


Wedding Party Thank You

Our wedding day was made even more special because of your participation. Though the spotlight was on us, your patience and co-operation made possible the elegance that was expressed on that faithful day, Know that the smiles we flashed throughout the ceremony was due largely in part to your grace and commitment to excellence. You define the true meaning of friendship.

Each of my steps down the aisle was on dove's wings because of your willingness to give of yourselves on our behalf. A new life has begun and you are a special and welcomed part of the foundation it will be built upon. Thank you so much for your beautiful character.

We Love You!  


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Get well
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 wedding poems 



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